FASTING: Fasting

Fasting is an act of worship and a duty to be close to Allah, and it is a religious duty for anyone who has reached maturity or meets the requirements of our religion. We know everything that Allah commands us to protect for a Muslim, whether it is his life, his honor, his health and his wealth. Know that everything that causes us problems is important in our religion. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala said, O you who believe in Allah, it is obligatory for you to fast (how did we make it obligatory for the nations before me. Therefore, experts including doctors and scholars have researched the relationship between fasting and health. It is certain that fasting is good but people do not know much. It is necessary to know the health of the fasting school. Allah has given it to us the most important thing in the world, and we have to take advantage of the health by taking advantage of it.

Many Muslims want to fast during fasting .Most healthy adults can't stand fasting for a limited period of time, God willing. If people who fast eat a good and nutritious diet between fur and Suhoor, they will be able to endure the fasting amount. Most of the people who have mental illness and the children will be deprived of the fast. The person who gives birth or is pregnant is also a woman who has menstrual bleeding, the person who cannot afford it when he is sick .all the people we mentioned above are fasting and they should fast when the time is right or they can.


If you have an illness, you can skip Ramadan if you are sick and you can skip Ramadan . Medicines that break the fast when you eat them are some of those that are injected into the nose or the vagina. If you have trouble or risk of stopping the medicine, you will be delayed or you will give up. This applies to conditions such as diabetes, diabetes, mental illness such as asthma, asthma or HIV disease. all of these diseases are used daily or regular, so you should pay something else after fasting.


Fasting can be dangerous for a person with diabetes

when you have an unhealthy condition, you

 should stop fasting like this, because the medicine can be a regular medicine. If you

 should fast, always measure yourself and

 follow your health condition, also consult your specialist.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy during Ramadan :

If you are a breastfeeding or pregnant mother, you can fast during breastfeeding or after childbirth, because sometimes it becomes difficult for you and you can't afford it. If you have to fast during the periods between breaking the fast and fasting, use nutrients 'avoid too much work during your fasting day.

when you break your fast, avoid foods that are sweet so that it does not cause diabetes. If you use drugs that reduce sugar and when you eat it, use the medicine and stop fasting because you cannot afford it and your health condition is at risk.

Symptoms that need to be observed during fasting :

there are signs that need to be monitored during fasting .

these symptoms include :

1: If you feel dizzy or weak, there may be anemia or anemia.

2: If you feel nauseous or vomiting.

3: If you have diarrhea and become dehydrated.

4: If you are a girl and you come across the blood that has stopped fasting.

all these things that we have mentioned above that invalidate the fast, if you experience it, stop fasting after fasting and turn back when you can.

Benefits of fasting and health:

1: Fasting cleanses the heart

2: It is workshop between the servant and God.

3: Fasting protects the body from many diseases

4: Fasting cleanses the body

5: Fasting reduces diseases such as diabetes and hypertension 

6: Fasting continues the work of the body such as tissue and the movement of the body

7: Fasting helps the mind and understanding

8: Fasting prevents body fat

things that invalidate fasting:

 there are things that urinate in fasting if you do fasting

1: Lies or rumors

2: while a married couple has sex for a day with Ramadan

3: There are usury things

4: To blaspheme your servants and also insult our religion and our messenger.

5: You are not forgiven for stealing .


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