Public Speaking

Public speaking

public speaking, which is often described as one of the most feared of the people, is therefore an essential skill with great power .if a large audience is involved in meetings or speeches in an effective discussion forum. Talking about it is an experience that is a strategy that can be prevented and transmitted according to the situation or strategy. This experience is known by a few people compared to the people of the world. In Islam, there is no false number of people, people who are unable to speak in front of people are estimated to be 75% the rest of the number is able to talk to people. Although they have different skills and experiences, talking about the madness is crazy for our nation and at the same time it is the center of our lives, many activities that are important for life and life. Therefore, it is necessary for us to put effort into it. We don't have people who are able to tell people something. The language and people who talk to them are contributing an important part to life and the changes that happen all the time ( ,to be a part of it, if you work hard, you will be asked according to the situation in this world. People who know people's experiences before speaking are people who can stand up for themselves by investing in their persuasive abilities, most of the people who have public speaking also know how to argue and convince people.

the importance of public speaking:

if we talk about the profession of public speaking, there are many, but we think that the most important thing is reasonable and the most appropriate.

1: To work hard is better or better to share your talent or what you are good at with people so that the community can learn who you are.

2: to present to the people or to convey the ideas and views of the society that are useful (at the same time.

3: to develop and serve the people so that you and they do not benefit from it and you are doing the things that have gone wrong and you are helping the people 

4: You have created awareness in the community so that you can do something that is standing or working to educate the community about this solution.

5: When people are on vacation, you can send them things that they enjoy, such as entertainment with pictures or something that they like to exchange or exchange during the holidays or during their free time.

6: to convey religious and material knowledge to the people and to convey it in a loud voice that people can learn from.

7: It is also important that you come together in many places and say that it is an inspiration for you and that something has increased for you and you did not stand where you were yesterday.

all these points and others that we have left out are important for you to be able to stand in front of people and use your voice a lot.

it is also important that many people you have sent a message to change their lives so that tomorrow they will be brave enough to destroy or tell people

how many parts does public speaking have.

public speaking is divided into several sections but we are fleeing in 4 sections and each section we are trying to define or clarify these.

1: one to teach people

2: one who is talking to the people such as organizations, governments and institutions

3: one to entertain or entertain people

4: audience relations

these points are the most important public discussion as we have mentioned there are many parts but 4 points are the most important.

1: The first type of teaching in public speaking is the one that we use the most all the time, which is used by teachers in the world such as colleges, colleges and universities.

all these people are people who have the ability to speak everywhere and make their voices heard by the people, the school teachers or the Qur'an are able to teach the students in the school or in the meeting places and make the statements to the community

2. One who is being discussed, if we go to the meeting and give details, is a government speaker who is proposing the order authorized by the government (or should speak to the congregations of independent organizations and institutions. He is also a person who speaks about an issue that is awareness or awareness.

3: This 3rd person who is entertained by people is a person who makes people laugh or laugh at them and uses words or phrases that people don't want during the night.

4: We explain the relationship between the listeners, which is that you should talk or convey something to the people who were listening to you, and they should also ask questions and answers to the people who are listening to you so that you know that your relationship is good and you are walking together, otherwise people will be silent about you, it means that you are not understood and people follow you.

how to be a public speaker or a good speaker:

therefore, there are challenges that you face whenever you think of success or self-improvement, so it is better to never be afraid or afraid.

1: You must be a courageous and unwavering person who is coming to his goal or where he is going to achieve his goal.

2: Your speech should be balanced, also the language you speak should be understandable and you should not be confused and people should not feel bored with you, and your words should be passionate and listen to.

3: You must be a person who can improve the topic he is talking about.

4: You must be a knowledgeable person who can satisfy people with the things they are talking about and you must be a person who listens and compares his speeches or stories

5: You must have good confidence and self-sufficient

how is the speech prepared ?

the speech is the thing that you mean to the people and you have to prevent that speech, you need to work on it, how to be quality that people like it. and there are several ways that make your speech the most valuable and the most interesting. In general, the speeches are divided into 3 types, but maybe there are others, but if we look at the importance, we will look at the 3 most quality ones.

1: A speech that you have prepared

2: A written speech

3: An unannounced speech that you are not ready for but you have organized it there.

that's all we have to do

types of essays or speeches

Prove the Speech

the article helps you not to confuse the topic you are talking about but helps to remember it according to where you are going (so that you can stop and go somewhere.

if you don't make any points and you go out of the topic, people will be upset and some of you will be sleeping.

Interrupt the points:

in between, your speech helps with the following points:

1: to make people understand the theme of your program.

2: You have to ask people questions so that you can rest in them and you have to drink a little water and fight for the nation.

3: The audience itself should ask questions so that you can answer them and be a person to be followed by the people who are listening or who have discussed this topic.

This is how I open the Speech:

the first time you stand in front of people is to stay calm and open, and you have to open up attractive words and words that interest people 'Try when you are giving a speech to pause and add words to the audience so that people can be alert and follow.

Tell people what you are talking about :

If you tell people this way about the topic you are talking about and explain it in detail or explain it to them, people will not be upset and follow it.

it is up to you to come up with a beautiful topic and read it carefully and you should not go to the meeting or discuss it or leave the topic. 

People who have an eye contact:

making eye contact with people is very good and useful for you and them because if you follow people and make observations, the observation will never stop.

The benefits of not helping people :

people should love your presentation

they should not feel bored

that they are not afraid to follow each other.

that they see you as someone who satisfies you and is important.

people should be connected to your proposal.

being good at following people who listen to you or connect with you shows the attraction of people's hearts.

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